Behind the Shadowy Curtain

November 11, 2012
Rock 'n Roll Never Truely Dies

The Museum of Music and Science Fiction was broken into and one of Jimi Hendix’s guitars was stolen. The front doors of the musem looked as though someone drove a car right through them, but there was no evidence that a vehicle of any sort was used. A ghost that hangs around the museum told Harry Bosh that Jimi Hendrix stole his guitar back. Harry talked to Dylon and learned that he was the one who found the guitar in the first place. The two decided to team up to find the stolen piece of music history. Dylon called his friend Itachi Fujiwara to help with the investigation. Knowing that there could be trouble Itachi brought along his friends Wick and ZoĆ«.

The five investigators visited Lake View Cemetary to see if there were anyclues at Jimi Hendrix’s grave. Sure enough Harry found an item that was out of place, a coffee cup from the Original Starbucks.

Following the lead the team went to Fisherman’s Terminal and visited the Original Starbucks. While they were there they heard someone playing “Foxy Lady” on an electric guitar. Following the sound they came upon Jimi Hendrix playing the very guitar that had been stolen. Harry questioned Mr. Hendrix but got no solid answers. The group decided to follow him as he left Fisherman’s Terminal. As they did a group of well dressed, very large, Russian men told them that someone wished to speak with them. Harry managed to disappear into the crowd while the other four followed the men into an unmarked building. There they met Anastasia Petrova. She questioned them about their motives in her terminal. They explained their presence and she accepted them at their word. Convinced they were of no threat to her she thanked them for their time and allowed them to leave.

Meanwhile, Harry followed Jimi Hendrix to his psychadelic VW Bus. Harry again questioned him about the guitar, but gained no headway. Instead of pressing the matter he decided to ask how he could be contacted. Jimi told him that he’d be back at the terminal tomorrow. Harry gave Mr. Hendrix his card and Jimi drove off. Harry tried to give this lead to the detective in charge of the case, Det. Monahan, but, because of Harry’s past disgrace with the Police Force, Monahan gave him the brush off.

The group met up and exchanged information about what had happened to them. They all decided to go back to the cemetary to see if Jimi Hendrix would return to his grave. Upon arriving, just after sunset, they found it chaned and locked. Wick broke the chain and the team entered. Harry found that the most recent tracks into the cemetary led not towards Hendrix’s grave but deeper into the cemetary. Following the tracks Itachi and Wick heard a low growling. Looking around they discovered three naked bloody shells of dogs, filled with horrible rage, were circling them. The creatures attacked with ferocious adandon. The group fought well and triumphed over the supernatural creatures, though they did sustain some injuries. After the battle was won they decided to withdrw for the night to recooperate until the next day when they would venture to Fisherman’s Terminal to see if Jimi Hendrix would return as he said he would.

November 4, 2012
Building a City

We picked a city for the game to take place in; Seattle, WA. We fleshed out a few locations of interest and some of the local inhabitants. The players also created their characters. We should be ready to begin the campaign next week!


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